become Nationally Certified Aerospace Technicians®.  This program is expanding beyond Aerospace through its CertTEC® division.  CertTEC® provides nationally recognized certifications into other areas such as Basic Electricity and Electronics, Basic Composites, Space Vehicle Processing, Welding and Cutting and much more. 
The SpaceTEC® National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education provides skill-based, nationally recognized professional certifications for the U. S. Aerospace Industry. All SpaceTEC® certifications are performance driven, based on technician competencies valued by industries operating in today’s global economic environment. 
SpaceTEC® works with school staff to implement a process that focuses on closing the knowledge and skills gaps necessary to compete for jobs.
To find out more about SpaceTEC National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education click here to open the pdf.  The link shows the organizational and governance chart.  Also, visit SpacteTEC here on linkedin by clicking here. Place #spacehardy in your request for more information.