Monday, June 29, 2015

Another No Cap No-No 2

Nice car.  Would you let a salesperson rent you this car for over 30%  more than its sticker price, only to give it back at the end of the rental agreement?  The cost would be $46,800 for a $36,000 car.  

Or, at the end of the term, as an incentive to renew, the dealer will offer an upgrade to the  CPU, upgrade the software, and change the dash.  The cost - renew again, adding another $46,800.  The total cost would be $93,600 on basically the same $36,000 vehicle, 260% over both rental terms. 

That'll never get past pass right? Sure about that?  Definitely sure?

Well... probably not, unless you have supply cabinets.  Oh, you do have supply cabinets.