Sunday, December 23, 2012

Biting the Hand That Fed a Bad Decision

Speaking about government financial incentives to help healthcare organizations acquire Electronic Medical Records, EMR, evokes a lot of passion.  Social media, blogs, online magazines, hard copy – the comments range from full support to total rejection of government being involved in any such efforts.

The focus of this post is the particular argument that Federal EMR incentives has led to dissatisfaction and debacle.  Personally, I can see how “Meaningful Use” may have been the hand that fed an organization's bad acquisition or deployment decision.  However, I do not believe that government structured the program that made a bad decision the default outcome.  If physicians are not happy with the product selected, is that the government’s fault?  Or is that the result of a poor acquisition and or deployment strategy?

I look forward to your comments.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Censis, Instrument Tracking

Jim Creason, COO of Censis Technologies, Inc., discusses Censis instrument level tracking with me.
- 2D tracking for surgical instrument level tracking
- RFID for trays and scopes

Censis® Technologies, Inc.
377 Riverside Drive
Suite 300
Franklin, TN 37064

PLUS Location Systems, I2 Build 2012

Nathan Duun is the CEO of PLUS Location Systems, located Level 13, 56 Berry St. North Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA, 2060.   For North America, the address is Cummings Research Park, Suite 310, 6767 Old Madison Pike, Huntsville, ALUSA, 35806.

PLUS is involved in: 

I found Nathan's discussion on retail very interesting as well.  PLUS tags carts and hand baskets to collect data on shopper behavior and works with the brands to develop strategies and layouts based on that behavior. 

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