Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vendor Attending the AAMI Conference?

What do you need the Biomeds and CEs to know about your presence at AAMI and/or your company?

Enterprise Asset Management System - EAMS

The same question is appropriate for EAMS.  If you are going to the AAMI conference to talk to your EAMS provider, what's your plan?  Are you looking to change?

AAMI - Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

The AAMI conference start on June 2.  If you are looking for an RTLS system, what is your strategy?  Who do you plan to approach?  What questions are you going to ask?

Share your approach.  It may give someone else some insight.

Also, Chapter 12 of "Covering Your Assets By Exposing The Butt-Ugly Truth"tells of my plan and my experience at the AAMI conference in regard to RTLS.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update of RFID Related Stock

The stocks have trended downward with some leveling out. Please see the RFID Related Stock link on the right-hand side of the page. Don't worry, it is not an advertisement. It takes you to Google Finance where I have linked a group of stock symbols together for tracking purposes.

Here is a summary:
From April 30, 2012 to Friday, May 25, 2012, all prices in USD

- Cisco levels off after steep decline from 20.16 to 16.51 per share, 16.33 at close

-Stanley Black and Decker up to 68.53 after dropping from 73.16 to 65.37

-Black Box started at 22.61. It moved down to 22.22
-HP up to 23.33 after dropping from 24.76 to 21.08

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aeroscout and Stanley Healthcare Solutions

As I look at Stanley Healthcare Solutions and the 21 healthcare brands listed on their website, it appears that there are some redundancies that could be worked out by the parent company Stanley Black and Decker.

Any company that buys a business that offers similar products and services has to deal with the costs associated with redundancy and how to transition in a way the brings benefit not headaches for the customers and the investors.

So, what’s the best structure to work out those redundancies and what part will Aeroscout play in the streamlining the hardware, software and professional services?  Perhaps this is where the reports of having Aeroscout to act as a research and development center may come into play.  Or will InfoLogix take that lead?  We will find out soon enough.

In saying that, I am more curious to learn whether Stanley Healthcare Solutions will continue to fall under Stanley Black and Decker’s security segment.  Patient security and preventing patient injury are both important.  Healthcare professionals deal with these risks as well as others every day.

The number of staff to staff and staff to patient interactions, the patient data collected, the drugs delivered, laboratory testing, surgeries, diagnostics, charge capture, EMR, and more - this is the current path of RTLS in healthcare.  RTLS is an additional set of integrated tools and processes, leveraged to allow a hospital to perform better for their patients, reduce cost, and increase revenue.  Consider all that for a single hospital then take it global. 

In my last post, If Stanley Black and Decker Buys Aeroscout, May 21, 2012,.  I talked about their leadership structure as related to Stanley Healthcare Solutions.  I could not find a senior executive with a healthcare anywhere in their title.  GE, Siemens and Toshiba own businesses in multiple segments.  They all have acquired other companies.  They all have CEO’s for their Healthcare Businesses.  Aeroscout has a General Manager for Healthcare listed on their site for their healthcare customers to see.  It is not uncommon to find physicians and/or nurses as part of the executive leadership for some of the other healthcare players in RTLS.  I see none for Stanley Healthcare Solutions.

Again, we will see what happens if the acquisition takes place.

Monday, May 21, 2012

If Stanley Black and Decker Buys Aeroscout

I saw the news announcing a possible Aeroscout acquisition 2 weeks ago.  That morning, I scrolled through the Twitter feeds -  Euro Zone issues,  Vladimir Putin update, someone trying to sell something, someone trying to sell something else,  Aeroscout sold … okay, stop.  I double-tapped on the update.  Aeroscout up for sale … couple hundred million U.S. Dollars.  An hour later, I was still tracking down leads.

It took over a week before more news reports stated that the unconfirmed buyer was Stanley Black and Decker.  A member of the Linkedin, Asset Management for Healthcare Group had posted the same much earlier.  Most of the people with whom I spoke believed that the buyer would be a publicly traded company.  I started tracking RFID related stocks on my blog through Google Finance - HP, Emerson Electric, Avery Denison, Stanley Black and Decker (Stanley Healthcare Solutions), and Cisco. This gives my blog readers the opportunity to see if there will be any effect on the stock price of the buying company.

With the press reports of Stanley Black and Decker as a possible buyer, I looked closer at their corporate structure.  I looked at the information from Stanley Black and Decker, Stanley Healthcare Solutions, and InfoLogix.  My findings are from a Healthcare and Asset Management perspectives.

As of 5/20/2012, Stanley Black and Decker listed the following segments, Construction and DIY(Do-It-Yourself), Industrial and Security.  The senior management titles for those segments fell along the lines of Construction and DIY, Security Solutions, Professional Power Tools and Products, then Engineered Fasteners. Stanley Healthcare falls under Security.

Moving down to where Aeroscout may fall, I found no list of who directly manages Stanley Healthcare Solutions (SHS) - no general manager, no CEO, no SVP.  There were no links back to the Stanley Black and Decker website, either.  This means that all financial reporting for SHS probably falls under Security Solutions.

21 brands were listed under SHS.  The logos appeared under the Brands tab.  Some of logo icons took me to websites.  Others took me to descriptions.  Either way, the website contained no list or information on the leadership managing those individual brands.

I thought I would find something under the Infologix site.  In this case, I did find a link back to the corporate Stanley Black and Decker site.  But there was nothing leadership specific about InfoLogix.

HIA, Healthcare Informatics Associates, showed their consultants but none of the leadership structure.  It appeared to fall under the Security segment as well.

In contrast, Aeroscout’s leadership is laid out fairly well for those interested in their technology: CEO, General Manager for Healthcare, Vice-President of Professional Services.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emerson Electric, HP, Avery Denison, Black Box, and Cisco

I added HP to the RFID Related Stock Link under the blog's Google Finance section.  The link leads to a Google Finance chart I created to track Emerson Electric, HP, Avery Denison, Black Box, and Cisco.  On the right-hand side of the of the Google Finance chart, you will find articles discussing the recent sharp decline in Cisco stock as well as the overall decline for this market.  Click on the chart's monthly view to get a better idea of the price movement.

Not on the Google link is Jacob Steinberg's article for Seeking Alpha.  Please perform a web search for it.

Lastly, whether RTLS or EAM, the applications all run on, store data to, or switched by IT gear.  I think it important for Asset Managers to remain aware of the players and their standing in the market place.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Switching From Blogspot To A Custom Domain Your Questions Answered | Spice Up Your Blog

Switching From Blogspot To A Custom Domain Your Questions Answered | Spice Up Your Blog

Actually, my stats will sometime revert back to zero when I update.

Huawei Corporate Governance

It seems that the Huawei Board of Directors is elected by its employees through an employee representative process.  I would like some input on what you think about a privately held company, owned by employees and how it relates to the Chinese government’s vision.   Also, what are the chances of Huawei creating wealth for its employees? 

Please follow the link below to their stated corporate governance.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Huawei - Jobs in the U.S.

I went to the Huawei website to get an idea of what they are doing in the US job market. The search fetched 309 job in the U.S., everything from interns to a CTO position. Hopefully, this link will work for everyone.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

CISCO Versus Huawei

Reported by Reuters (I almost wrote Routers).   Here is a link from Yahoo News about the rising competition between CISCO and Huawei.

What do you think? 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aeroscout Update: 5/09/2012 11:18 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Ynet News has an article about the possible acquisition.  It states the original article appeared in the Calcalist. 

Here is the Calcalist link.  I looked around for an English version and did not see one.  Use your browser to translate.  I used Google Chrome for the translation - thanks to one of my linkedin connections for the tip.

For a friendlier version of the article, the ynetnews link is below.

Telemedicine to isolated communities?

Kyle Murphy, PhD. and I connected because of a discussion concerning Electronic Health Records in Rural Communities.  As I talk about in my book, Covering Your Assets By Exposing The Butt-Ugly Truth, rural more than sums up my upbrinhging.  So, he got my attention with his comments about the term "meaningful use" and healthcare in rural areas. "...HIT is meaningless unless it impacts a patient’s care in an effective and meaningful way."

Right now there is money for healthcare organization to improve services and care of their patients.  But, are places like Coosa County, Alabama being left out.   Please click on the link to his article